Saturday, April 4, 2015



Headed to Coachella or Lollapalooza...? Or maybe a Parisian visit to the Louvre or the great museums of Europe? Well leave Le Selfie Stick at home because more and more institutions and venues have banned the "
mon bâton d'égoportrait" from public appearances. That's why for a limited time only you can subscribe to a unique and personal service that obviates the need for that clumsy unwieldy instrument of vanity enhancement.    
With SelfieValet© you will have at your disposal the ultimate selfie stick: ME. Yes, if you act now, you can have me, SelfieValet, accompany you and your family, loved one or friends on your next vacation or travels. Yes, as SelfieValet I will be responsible for all of your precious selfies, selfieing you and friends or family in crazy-laughing "look-at-me" photos that will be the envy of all your Facebook friends. Leverage that cleavage and don't let that big booty or set of chiseled abs go unnoticed and unshared. Now you can share yourself in all of your glorious vainglory in front of those Wonders of the World...what could be better than a goofy gaping-mouthed eyeball-bulging photo of You with the Taj Mahal or Sistine Chapel in the background. And just think about it... no more sore shoulders or cramped arms from stretching that cell phone-holding arm aloft... No more dragging that clumsy selfie stick -- now so sadly banned in many places.  With SelfieValet every rapturous moment of your self-absorbed vacation life can be captured and shared with all of your boring friends who spend their lives at home in front of screens wishing they were you. Yes, for a limited time only SelfieValet is available for just pennies and dollars a day. Basic SelfieValet services require First Class airfare or Limo transportation for me to your venue or vacation site, accommodations (for me) at hotel or site near you, food and drink expenses and union-mandated rest breaks (for me)  required. SelfieValet Premium Service Plans also available. Don't delay! Your online social cred is on the line...SelfieValet: it's me. Stickit2urself with SelfieValet.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Apple Solves "battery-life" issue of Apple Watch

Apple solves 
battery life issue for upcoming Apple Watch release!  According to Apple Design Maestro Sir Jony Ive, "...the solution was watching us all along...just waiting for the right moment when the ethereal blankness of imaginative whiteness fell into synchronicity with the mundane yet everyday tasks of human activity. And then it was that we knew what we so truly were looking for...and oh so more importantly the very Thing we were actually looking At. And At that moment we felt totally plugged-in to the Answer. An electric cord.. So elegant yet simple...a design that evolves from our very post-modern DNA. Flexible, ubiquitous, so familiar and, lest I strike a note of the prosaic and the banal, so "handy." No batteries to charge. Just plug-in and feel the empowerment, the classic sense of immediate dignity. The Apple Watch: every one a "limited edition."

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Hoarding & Lording and Baring & Sharing

2014 - Hoarding & Lording and Baring & Sharing

Hoarders and Lorders
First Class boarders
Fast-lane one-percenters
Kept passing
And amassing
While the 99
Settled-in Pharelly Happy
And Sappy
By baring and sharing
Selfies and songs
Not about Wall Streeter wrongs
Or big bankers the wankers
Who sank the middle classes
Instead just laid down like lambs
And Instagramed
Our Big Asses.

The Year in Review
More déjà vu
Back to Iraq
The Taliban captures
Our Afghan Army Hound
To the past we’re bound
No Boots on the Ground
Just drone it in
Death from Abuzz
Make ISIS Was Was.

The Foxes roided
Economic good news they voided
This the Year of Fear
Sourced our ills
To the reign
Of Barack Hussein
Who can’t-say-nope
To those drug mule kids
We be hatin’
On our border violatin’
With calves the size of cantaloupes.

That’s not all
Sarah Palin saw
Our African Prince
Had just the tonic
He imported the deadly virus

In the never ending battle 
For Obamafear
That Obamakill would drown us 
In medical bills
Ebola dropped handshakes and fist bumps down to our heels
We right-wringed a dried-out federal budget deal
Cut disease research cause we'd rather be dead
And pour buckets of ice water on our heads instead.

The Foxes saw
With fear
And malice
From afar
Obama disappear
That Malaysian airliner
The Executive Action Immigration signer
Tea baggers soon regretted their
Putin Piner shouts of “real leader”
As his ruble roiled
In a glut of US oil
He’s now boiled borsht with cold chopped liver
While Obama sings “Crimea River.”

Obama’s sins
On him The Foxes pinned
He hacked J-Law’s nudie selfies
Sold ’em to Boku Harem themselfies
Wrote the lyrics to “It’s All About the Bass.”
Uncoupled unconscious Gwyneth and Chris
Encouraged Michael Sam and his boyfriend’s kiss
Caught Michelle at midnight in the fridgerator
Cold cocked Janay and Jay-Z in elevators.
But the smoking gun, folks,
Was tokin’
A Commie Cuban Fat Cigar
In a ‘57 Chevy car.
A bridge way too far.

For some this year served as a lesson
The Pope said dogs might go to Heaven
“Who am I to judge,” he sounded zany
Easier he said, for a dog, than for Dick Cheney
For who’s reserved a special place in Hell
For rectal-de-hydration in an eternal cell.
Rick Perry hopes to be less “oops-ier”
In unGoogled horn-rimmed glass
He looks even more the ass
Running again with pants more poopier.

Others took a road less travelled
Bill Cosby came unravelled
Rejected as a driver for Uber
His face not funny smile less goofy
Delivering roofies
For a start-up called Luber.

For 2015 here’s some advice:
If you shot Bin Laden
That he’s dead will suffice.

If your name is Grover last name Norquist
Or even Casper the famous Milquetoast
Please don’t tweet that you drove a Hippie van
To the Black Rock desert and Burning Man.

Don’t get excited by the next Podcast Serial
I’ll give you a glimpse of the new material:
It’s not Adnan,
It’s not Jay,
It’s not Mr. S.,
It’s not boyfriend Dave.
The Serial killer simp...
The Male Chimmmppp!...Chimp?

  (For those who missed
The Serial podcast referenced above...
A verse for you to leave or love.)

The Polar Ice Cap
May be melting
Like a face-lift of Renee Zellweger.
Climate change
If you say, “Hell, go figure!”
Then this year’s Super Bowl half time
You know it
Will feature America’s favorite Poets.

Happy New Year - 2015

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Praajek's Xmas Wish©

Praajek's Xmas Wish©

Take the crist outa christmas
The holi outa day
Ban the wisemen in the courthouse
It's the American way.

Take the ram outa Ramadan
The han outa Hanukkah
The dre outa dreidle
The t outa toy
The o outa oy
The j outa joy   

Take the jeez outa jesus
The bud outa Buddha
The krish outa Krishna
the chris outa Christ
the Yah outa Yahweh
the o outa o-my-gawd.

Take the fest outa festivus
The Kwa outa Kwaanzaa
Then take the sol outa Solstice
Make Santa sans San
Take the u outa Yule
And you'll put the f  back in ool.

Do not ration 
These days of celebration:
string lights, make toasts
drink nog..add rum
take nothing outa nothing
and you'll have a happy new year.

Friday, December 19, 2014

One of my List of 10 for 2014

My list of 10 most overused, phrases, language conventions & locutions of 2014. (English version). Ok, 'tis the season for this kind of thing so here's my list:

#1: Worst. Conventions. Of. 2014. This. Convention. Intended. To. Impart. Serious. Emphasis. Must. Stop. Now

#2: Disruption. We don't invent anymore. We disrupt. As in a  "startup" such as Uber disrupts the old taxi service business model; or Airbnb disrupting the hotel business. Ok, we get it. Now everything and everyone is "disrupting." Whatever happened to "New and Improved?" Let's disrupt disrupting. Or maybe just start inventing and re-inventing again. Please. 

#3: Adorable Especially when attributed to puppy and kitten videos. Along with variants such as "adorkable" when describing Zoey Deschanel and Aubrey Plaza. 

#4: Jaw dropping. Extremely surprised? Must everything that barely exceeds mediocre be announced with Taylor Swiftian open-mouthed astonishment. Let's hit the pause on jaws. 

#5: How's that working out for you? This one's been hanging around for years now and shows no sign of weariness. Answer: It's not working out for me. 

#6: Let's do this thing. Why are we still hearing this decades-old locution? Leftovers from old Die Hard movies are still being served up in today's violent video games of auto theft and warcraft. Let's don't do this thing anymore. 

#7: BenedictCumberbatch. Apparently some kind of famous something with weirdly beautiful eyes women want to blow. Anyway, let's stop this Cumberbatching and start Cumberbitching. 

#8: She "rocks" a bikini; he "rocks" a tuxedo. Or, I would totally "rock" that jacket. Ok, to wear something and look totally cool in it, or make a major attitude statement by wearing it.. We get it. You would look pretty good in that car, coat, shoe etc. but I'm tired of rocking. Just wear the damn thing...or not. 

#9: Behead. Beheaded. Beheading.. Fortunately, this word did not become meme-y this year (maybe "meme" should be in this list.) But do media outlets have to blare the word "beheaded" whenever ISIS or whatever terror group kills a hostage? Isn't it enough to just report that the victim was murdered? Why satisfy and reward these psychopaths by describing how they actually killed someone. Are we titillated by the concept of a human head being severed from its torso? Let's kill this death description not only for its goryness but to deny terrorists their media glory. I'm relieved ISIS doesn't have a wood chipper. 
#10: Lists. The top ten reasons people used to smoke in the bathroom in 1946. Five most wildly popular sex positions when Jesus walked the streets of Nazareth.  Fifteen reasons why the uncle is always described as drunk at Thanksgiving dinner. Top ten list of worst and overused words and phrases. Hmmmm.

Monday, December 15, 2014

That Perfect Gift.

'Tis the season to give and get and get and give-give-give get-get-get. (I especially like the get.) And what's on my wish-to-get list this year? And what's on my might-just-give list? Here are some suggestions for you Xmas givers and getters.

My favo this season is "Subtle Butt Disposable Gas Neutralizers."
These handy pocket pads full of activated charcoal stick strategically inside your underwear to absorb accidental methane expulsions. Doesn't block noise but rumors abound that a software upgrade is in the works for downloading that includes a wind motion detector that activates an automatic white noise function. 

For that favorite teen on your list how about an exciting pack of Justin Bieber Mint Floss.
Low cost yet it shows you really care about dental hygiene with the added benefit of demonstrating your cool creds. "Gee Dad, I didn't know you even knew about The Bieber...u so cool! " 

A sure-fire gift that's certain to win the heart of a close loved one is the 2015 Monthly Doos Dog Poop Calendar. Lovely scenes of American landscapes and national parks are festooned with subtle piles of uncollected doggy deposits. You actually have to look carefully at each scene to discover a "Where's Waldo" not-so-hidden canine gift in each photo. Fun for the whole family.

In this new world of Faatha Land Security we are naturally attuned to and attracted to gifts that can be used in an emergency or terrorist attack. Go Paks, Shelter-in-Place survival items are always foremost in mind when channeling our inner-prepper. So this is why the Emergency Clown Nose in a prescription bottle is a welcome addition to any survivalist or prepper's doomsday kit. The appearance of a bit of levity Is always welcomed for Armageddon. 

And who can forget a gift for that sports fan on your list?   (Well, me for one.) But for others I give you the Pot & Putt bathroom golf set. This unique putting green wraps around the floor of your porcelain vessel allowing you while athrone to practice sinking putts while you sink that big one. Although hardly an athletic endeavor, striking golf balls is certainly a purposeful (yet unnecessary) activity not unlike the very necessary function of intestinal vacation.

A few other gifts deserve mention as well: the Robotic Grill Cleaner, sort of a Roomba for that greasy BBQ grill works its way back and forth across that blackened burnt fat encrusted cooking surface. Especially handy if you are unfortunate enough to have no hands. If you have a hand or two then just sit back while robo cleaner saves you from having to use them in service to such drudgery. (Damn Butler's Union won't allow grill scraping.)

On the subject of grilling, my final gift suggestion is the singular Hamdogger. This nifty tubular device begs to be stuffed with ground beef and extruded onto the grill and readied for hotdog
bun insertion. No respectable paleo-gastronominist would be caught hungry without this.

Givegivegive…getgetget. The Spirit of Xmas lives in you. And your desires. To givegivegive and getgetget. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Shot Bin Laden, Damn't

I Shot Bin Laden, Damn't

I don't want to do this but I finally must confess: I shot Bin Laden. Yup, it was lil' ol'me who put two bullets right smack between his beady bearded eyes. I'm not supposed to tell anyone about this.. code of honor and all that. Hell, most folks, the ones I know like friends, relatives, kids, wife, dentist, doorman, personal shopper, hair stylist etc. thought I was too old to be a Navy SEAL, let alone a member of SEAL Team 6. But there I was on the night of May 2, 2011 landing inside Bin Laden's compound, or what we hoped was his compound, and which turned out to actually be his compound. Our first chopper crashed but luckily I was on the second. Without giving away too many details I'll just say that the climb up those back stairs in the dark seemed like the longest climb in my brief SEAL career. Up until now my lips have been SEALED..but it's time for the truth to emerge before it is disclosed by other sources. And as others are already lining up to take credit for my heroic deed... one alleged SEAL has already written a book claiming he took the fatal shot while another poser came forth recently claiming he hit the bullseye. Well, you can soon read the unfiltered unvarnished, unpainted, bare neck'ed story from a first-person-shooter perspective in my soon-to-be-released book titled "I Shot The Terrorist But I Did Not Shoot His Deputy," published by Hachette and available on Amazon. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gunshotbola Epidemic Spreads Across US

The first symptom is a sudden hot fever of impact accompanied by the sense of a loud sound or explosion.

Then comes the bleeding…sometimes from the eyes, ears, mouth and a sudden gaping hole in the head, torso, or limbs.

Vomiting may ensue….along with uncontrolled expelling of urine and feces with possibly horrible external and internal spilling of intestines and or other organs. 

Spasms followed by coughing of blood. And then death.

Or with luck and quick treatment in an emergency room only injury and temporary or permanent  disability will result.

Extremely contagious. Each year over 30,000 Americans die from it. The disease? Gunshotbola. 

Causes: widespread misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment; human consumption of fruit bat NRA lobbyist meat and cross-species breeding of humans with simian non-human primate NRA  National Rifle Association leaders.

Gunshotbola is a member of the Gununntae virus, which is Latin for gun nut, a deadly pathogen reportedly carried by NRA members suspected of having eated fruit bat guano. 

For years, this deadly contagion has been confined to the United States. No other modern nation has experienced and tolerated outbreaks of Gunshotbola as this country does. How to protect yourself? Keep ducking. And support handgun control legislation in your state and community; and support organizations such as the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Monday, October 13, 2014

At Least The Ebola Dog Is Safe

Thank gods the Texas dog of the young nurse Ebola victim who contracted the disease from the now-deceased Liberian Ebola patient will not be euthanized. Unlike the poor mutt in Spain, (the Canine in Spainine), who to the horror of humanity was dispatched to doggy heaven after it's owner contracted Ebola, the nurse's dog is being cared for in a private isolation hound pound. According to a Reuters news report, "The dog was given food and water on Sunday by a specialized hazardous materials team that decontaminated the Dallas apartment of the worker, reported by local media to be a nurse in her mid-20s. The team also left a light on in the apartment for the dog."
Awwww... Is that not just an adorable gesture? Don't leave poor old possibly Ebola-infected Poochy alone AND in the dark. Leave a light on! And after health workers in hazmat suits spend valuable time monitoring dogs and pets when human and health resources are scarce, they will focus on attending to the ever-increasing swath of possibly infectious humans. In this dog (pet)-obsessed nation at least we can take heart that even if Ebola wipes out a good chunk of humanity, we'll sleep deeply in our bloody graves knowing our precious pets weren't in the dark.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NFL Cheerleaders Give NFL More Black Eyes

Did NFL Cheerleaders Really Protest this Way? NFL Cheerleaders - Minimum Wagers in $9.5 Billion Industry...As NFL cheerleaders file fair wage lawsuits against their teams maybe they could add a little visual protest to Football in America over their $5 per hour wages while also protesting domestic violence. Something like this?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Bloody Wet Dreams of Dick Cheney

Someone tore the bumper sticker off my car that read: "I'm Already Against the Next War." So here we go again. 

Dick Cheney, Rummy Rumsfeld and assorted NeoCon conspirators woke up recently refreshed, revitalized and rearing to have others go to war again. 

Ahhhh...feeling good, growls Cheney, the words dribbling from the edge of his crooked mouth, stretching his withered limbs and rubbing the sleepy fairy dirt from his rheumy eyes. His taxpayer funded transplanted heart, a secret gift from an anonymous donor who Cheney expresses no interest in knowing..."it hadn’t been a priority for me..." is now “my new heart, not someone else’s old heart.”  

Finally goaded by Cheney and The War Generals into new tough talk, NodramaObama lullabies Cheney to sweet dreams with his national TV address announcing his overdue "strateregy" (Bushism) of a New Belligerency. Although not as much fun without Boots-on-the-Ground, Rōnin Cheney deep sleeps REM dreams of salivating military contractors, greedy hyenas encircling wounded prey.

 Oh, the Humanity, the FoxHannity, the Insanity! Our heartless warrior mumbles in his contractors, my contractors...let them feast first and leave the spoils for the Boots to shed blood and wipe up.  

His stolen heart beats faster now, exciting his feverish fear mongering brain into dream twitches of riches to be reaped, a legacy to be legitimized and gastric gushes of plain old evil to belch and enjoy.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Republicans, neocons and Grumpy Grandpa (Git Off My Lawn) McCain are shouting for war against the invasion of America by knife-wielding ISIS Islamic warriors in jalabiya robes and turbans. By land, by sea, by air. (mmmm .. getting hungry for a Land Sea Air McDonald's burger..Big Mac inserted with a filet 'o fish and a chicken patty). This ISIS invasion is imminent and already underway with enemies hitting us at our most vulnerable and weakest joints: Facebook and YouTube. How do we repel this invasion of alien creatures bent on making us wear orange onesies while kneeling to them on prayer rugs eating falafel instead of Land Sea Air burgers? They're coming for us so how do we stop them? 

The Nookular Option? No, too dangerous.. Might wipe out the world which is exactly what these ISIS guys want.

BOTG (boots in the ground)? Hmmm, sounds inviting. McCain's already put his boots on ground in Vietnam and continues to want to give every American youth a similar life-affirming/depriving opportunity. Could be too expensive and might require a draft to fill this once/twice/thrice in a lifetime Boots opportunity. 

Airstrikes & Drones: ah, yes..."bomb bomb bomb, bomb-bomb Iran" McCain gleefully once sang in a cover of Beach Boys' Barbara Ann. Easy death from above. Bombs in the Skies keep boots off the ground. Or blow off the boots and shoes of bad guys and innocent women and children. 

Coalition of the Willing...Remember that from the Bush Iraq clusterfcuk?  It soon was exposed as the Coalition of the Billing when it became you pay then we'll play. This time NATO will coalesce to conquer. Better than us going it alone. 

Boots by Proxy: Now here's an idea! As our largest recipient of military aid, over $100 billion since the 1960s and currently $3 billion annually, doesn't our client Israel owe us something? Where's the exalted Israeli Special Forces? Let them plan an attack to "degrade and destroy" ISIS making them WASWAS. 

Or better yet...quit letting fanatical terrorist groups goad us into war. It's what they want... And unfortunately it's what some here in the US want. Why does America always need an enemy to fight? More war, anyone?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Nude Photos Hacked, Sacked, Jacked, Whacked and unpacked for the world to...

Don't look now (seriously) but the biggest news story of the summer has just gotten bigger (worse). Not only have nudie pics of lady actors, tall thin ladies who model clothes, attractive celebrated females (femlebrities) such as Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and a bunch of other cutie-nudie posers been hacked by a cloud hacker, now I discover that my own extensive and HUGE nudie selfie-portfolio has been violated by an unknown shoebox hacker. 

In a breach of privacy unknown in the Western and Eastern worlds and throughout my neighborhood, I discovered recently that my secret stash of nude selfies which I had cleverly stashed in the bottom of a gym bag under a pile of sweaty smelly socks and underwear, was scattered all over my smelly sweaty closet floor. Someone had been rummaging through my secret gym bag and unearthed my precious nudie selfies. Tossed hither and thither were 3x5" Polaroids of me in various degrees of nudity: freezing my naked butt off building a snowman; running naked in a Naked Iron Man Triathlon thru the Mojave Desert; body-painted and birthday-suited in the Black Rock Nevada desert at Burning Man doing flaming cartwheels with fellow "Burner" Grover Norquist; romping full-frontal, fearless and feckless, at a Ruby-on-Rails after-seminar coding rave; swimming and diving bare-skinned and buck-nekked at an all nudie Mitch McConnell Blob Fish look-alike festival in Honey Dip Kentucky... All these and more...oh the privacy! 

Are some of them missing? Did the hackysacker photo them with his iPhone and now prepares to seed the clouds with them letting loose upon the land a global swarming of my hunkyjunk?  

Who pirated my privacy? I want to know! Was it you Apple? Or "Don't Be Evil" Google? NSA or Edwin Snowden? Surely my humble closet and gym bag would present no challenge for the considerable hacking skills of this cowardly, traitorous, unAmerican Putin-boot-lickin'whistle-blower-with-no-country Rooskie-lovin' former CIA-NSA employee. In a world where a guy has to live in fear that his nude selfies might be exposed to that a world where one's sacred gym bag is pried open letting loosed upon the world foul dirty sock emanations and nude a world where the only thing left to do is....stop taking nudie selfies? Damn you cleaning lady, I know you did it !

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Throwing Cold Water, Or Iced Is Even Better Than Cool

The ice bucket challenge has poured itself all over the internet as people and celebrities rush to dump a bucket of ice over their heads to increase awareness of ALS disease. This cold water treatment apparently causes one to suddenly google ALS and learn more about this dreaded disease and in more extreme cases results in a hand thrusting itself into a purse or wallet for a credit card to make a donation. But it only works if someone videos the act and posts it on a social media site. Don't waste your time just dumping ice water on your head alone. This doesn't work. You'll just be cold and wet.

Here are some other challenges that people and celebrities can do to support research in lesser-known syndromes, afflictions, complaints, ailments or indispositions.  

  • Pour a bag of unbleached white flour over your head challenge... for gluten diet research.  
  • Drop your smart phone in the toilet challenge ...for Selfieitis Research. 
  • Pee Your Pants Challenge for "That-Was-So-Funny I Nearly Peed-My-Pants" cliche malady.
  • Shave your head challenge for baldness research.
  • Drop Your Pants in Public Challenge for Perv Amelioration Research.
  • Stick your head in the gas oven challenge... for Facebook Envy Depression research.
  • Play Russian Roulette with a loaded hand gun challenge... for 2nd Amendment GunNut Syndrome research.
  • Finger in a Flame Challenge .. for  insensitivity/apathy research.
  • Twist two nipples counter-clockwise challenge .. for... aw hell..... just for research in general.
  • Teabag yourself ... For Tea Party Affiliation Disease.
  • Take your mom's car to jiffy lube ...for Porno addiction research.
  • Vomit in a bucket & pour it over your head challenge... for binge drinking research.
  • Smash your face into a mirror challenge ... for Narcissism research.
  • Poke yourself in the eye challenge ...just because.

And don't forget to video it and post it on You Tube or Facebook.  Oh, and send money.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weapon of Cash Infusion

Looks like our puppet thug in Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki is backing off his threat to keep his job by military force after being replaced by a newly-appointed and US-blessed thug. Of course all it took was a little persuasion in the form of our strongest and most reliable tool and weapon of international diplomacy and nation building: Bags O'Cash.
This is just a wild guess at this point but we can assuredly look forward to reports similar to the ones last year that exposed the CIA's bribes to our puppet thug Afghan President Hamid Karzai who eagerly awaited each month for his bags, suitcases and backpacks of US cash totaling by some estimates tens of millions of dollars. Perhaps this is the most cost-effective method of getting countries to do what we want. Considering that the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars have cost the US taxpayers between 4-6 trillion dollars, bribing despots, thugs and dictators to behave as we wish costs less than the money, blood and havoc we wreak upon our nation and the victim nations we choose to invade. Let's take a nice chunk of that $640 billion we now spend on our military and create a truely cost-effective weapon that needs no testing, no competing for major manufacturing contracts, a stealthy weapon that flies under the radar, penetrates bunkers like a farm boy in a field of ripe melons, an infrared guided surface-to-wallet missile that strikes and satisfies the most despotic heart of greed: The Pentagon's Bag O' Cash. Oh, and delivered by drones.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Does Obama Want to Spread Deadly Ebonics Disease?

Sarah Palin Speaks What's In Her Mind:  "Obama Wants to Spread Deadly Ebonics Disease."

(Praajek is just back from an Alaskan sabbatical where he recently ran into former half-governor Sarah Palin in the Grizzly Paw tavern... Here are excerpts of his conversation with her.)

Well doggone it,  Praajek...let's talk Obama. First he shoots down that Malaysian jet plane airliner, with all those good Christian and other faith persons (and right after he ordered his thugs to capture that CNN one and make it disappear from our good blue earth), then he makes a secret sweetheart deal with Putin to give him Crimea in exchange for what cry me a river? ...lifting the import tariffs on loose fitting Rooskie Motherland Jeans? And then, thru back door diplomatic maneuvers he invites thousands of Central American drug lord cartel kids to run to our borders and sneak in the dark of the night across that river or sewer pipes left unguarded by Obama to register to vote Democrat. And remember last spring when that group Boko Haram kidnapped those 200 Nigerian schoolgirls? Boko Harem, of course is an anagram for "a mark hobo" which of course is an anagram for "a harm book" which must mean that Islamaistic bible. You can betcha that our so-called President orchesterated that devacle. And just the other day you just know he must have given the thumps-up for those Sharia-Iraqie icy guys to have their way with those Kurds trapped on a mountaintop somewhere. We don't know why yet, but you can bet he's got something up his sleeve besides that grabby liberal hand.  But now he's really gone and done it by spreading a secretly-extracted vial of his dead father's vile African blood and leaked it all over West Africa causing innocent people to get that Ebonics disease. His nefarious goal of course is to spread the disease throughout the US and have everyone speaking in Ebonics. Yup, our so-called Leader of the Free World has been rearin' his head all over the world and just makin' this God-blessed earth a lot less blessed and a lot more messed. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Welfare Cash Cows Graze On The Government Dole

Welfare Cash Cows Graze On The Government Dole

A standoff near Bunkerville, Nevada recently pitted welfare-rancher Cliven Bundy and an armed mob of gun-totting wanna-be cowboy thugs against the Bureau of Land Mgt. Mr. Bundy, whose cows have fed at the Government trough for free since 1993, refuses to pay for his cows' food via a grazing fee of a mere pittance of a $1.35 per cow per day. (non-government private-sector grazing costs are upwards of $20 per day)  His armed supporters are the same teabagger "cowboys" who want the "gummit" out of their Medicare. Welfare King Bundy now owes the Government more than $1 million in unpaid fees. In other words, he owes the American people, you and me. We are subsidizing this welfare deadbeat and his welfare-grazing cash cows. 

Here is Rancher Bundy riding an expensive four-shoed horse, probably driving an expensive Silverado truck and buying expensive prime cut steaks (and probably lobster, too). All on the Government's dime. Or one hundred thousand dimes. Actual Food Stamp (SNAP) families have to feed themselves and their children on about $4 a day per family member. Bundy's cows get an all-they-can-eat feast for $1.35 a day and refuse to even pay that amount. 

And that's just the surface of the welfare trough from which he is skim-milking the American taxpayer. According to Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West, "other subsidies include taxpayer-supported research at western land grant universities and agricultural exemptions that lower property taxes paid by ranchers. There are handouts to help with nearly every problem: drought relief, low-interest agricultural loans, emergency livestock feed programs, emergency grazing on Conservation Reserve Program lands, to name a few. Even many of the fences crisscrossing the West's "open" spaces are paid for by American taxpayers."  The authors explain that there also exists an "abundance of federal and state funding that props up the industry, including below-market grazing fees, emergency feed programs, low-interest federal farm loans, and many other taxpayer-funded programs"….not counting the environmental costs of "soil erosion; degraded water quality and the costs of cleanup; the spread of exotic weeds and the subsequent reduction in plant community productivity; and the costs of saving species endangered by livestock production." All these plus the social costs of negative health impacts of promoting a meat-intensive diet. Mr. Bundy, your cowboy days are over. Pay up, or git along little doggie. 

Read more about Welfare Ranching at:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bitcoin vs. currencies for a new age.

LitCoins, or Literature Coins (not to be confused with Litecoin, one of many alt currencies)…like Bitcoins, are a new currency. Unlike Bitcoin, LitCoin is not a crypto currency, i.e. based on cryptology and the solving of mathematical crypto equations. LitCoin is a paper, analog currency made up of pages torn from works of literature with higher values on literary masterpieces and lesser value on pulp and airport fiction. Like Bitcoin, LitCoin come onto the market by people who "mine" for coins, or 'miners" in Bitcoin parlance. Bitcoin miners work computers aggregately to solve complicated mathematical equations in order to create new coins. People wanting to "create" or "mine" for LitCoin must go through a process of "reading" instead of "mining" for coins. Readers for LitCoin must solve complicated literary analysis of works of literature. For example, a Reader wanting to create new LitCoins might have to analyze the plot, structure, characterization, tone and mood of Melville's Moby Dick; or discuss the symbolism, imagery of T.S, Eliot's "The Wasteland." Or, on a more linear basis, construct and diagram the fourth section of William Faulkner's "The Bear." 

LitCoins can be earned only by non-collaborative effort unlike "miners" for Bitcoins who can summon the power of computers world-wide in solving crypto-equations. If one wants to "buy" or obtain Bitcoins, one must work through a Bitcoin exchange like Mt. Gox, physically located in Japan, and link to your  bank account that contains your dollars or other fiat currency.  Mt. Gox, in the news recently for "losing/misplacing $450 million worth of Bitcoins,  began as an exchange station for collectors and traders of Magic the Gathering fantasy cards, thus M(magic) T(he) G(athering)…go figure. But one can buy LitCoins by going to any used bookstore and asking to buy LitCoins. Not all bookstores are authorized to sell them and it is up to you to discover which store sells them. This can only be done in person; no phone calls or Googling.  Once you find an authorized LitCoin Exchange Bookstore (LEB) then all you do is whisper an esoteric quote from a major character in Russian literature (these quotes can change from day-to-day)  pull out some of that old-school fiat currency folded in your purse of wallet and bingo you have a fistful or maybe a ream of LitCoins. 

Like Bitcoins, LitCoins can be safely stored and protected. Bitcoin owners store their currency in digital "wallets," software designed to allow payment for the free-flowing exchange of goods and services. LitCoin holders, on the other hand, store their currency in physical cloth "bookbags." These analog cloth "book bags" are often adorned with commercial imprints or "endorsements" signifying allegiance to a particular brand; a bank, a department store, or sometimes printed with clever  or whimsical statements such as "Mimimalist," "ToteBag," "Not A Plastic Bag," or existential questions "What R U Look N @?," or "What is the Meaning of My Bag?" The LitCoin "book bag" provides protection and security of LitCoins for the LitCoin owner. LitCoin can be easily exchanged for goods and services with few protocols required for the execution of the exchange unlike Bitcoin which requires lengthy encryption passwords and digital doodads like computers or smart phones. 

Bitcoins were purportedly started by a mysterious Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto of the Island of Pseudonym who has so far escaped discovery by Google, NSA and People Magazine. LitCoins are generally thought to have been created the day before yesterday by a mysterious Ms. Mortimota Muckinfussamuss, who some say anonymously wrote the Cliff Notes on James Joyce's seminal novel Ulysses.

Which new currency to use? I'm putting my money on LitCoin. As the drunken character Lebedev said in Dostoyevsky's "The Idiot," "There's more wealth, but there's less strength; the binding idea doesn't exist anymore; everything has turned soft, everything is rotten, and people are rotten." (Five Litcoins, please.)…

Friday, February 7, 2014

Doggone War

Will this be what it'll take to finally grab the attention of Americans to the fact that we are still fighting a war in Afghanistan. A war? In Afghanistan? So 2004, you say? How about over 2,100 American soldiers killed and nearly 180,000 wounded since 2001 as a cold bloody fact. But there's hope. News reports that Taliban in Afghanistan has captured a top American military prize, a Colonel indeed. Who has four legs and a tail. The report of the Taliban capture of a U. S.or NATO military dog, named Colonel, might just wake our pet-crazed populace out of its complacency enough to ask a collective WTF are we still doing there? And now the Taliban has captured one of our finest...a courageous canine. Americans may have forgotten about the war but this outrage will not stand! Let's recapture this warrior hound and bring him back home to a hero's welcome. Oh, and while we're at it, let's bring our human soldiers home too.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Analogging My Life

Analogging My Life

I'm starting a new project for 2014. I'm converting my digital life to analog. I plan to capture all my old digital photos on Polaroid, Kodachrome, Ektachrome or B&W Tri-x. My digital music downloads will be converted to vinyl. Here's a sample of a downloaded MP3 song that I recently anal-logged to wax cylinder. Plans are also in the works to print all my e-books as well as thousands of old Word  Star documents. My work has just begun.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Year In Review

Eyes Only - 2013 - The Movie

Like slow Netflix streaming
2013 kept us
That maybe we should have
Left it
On the digital cutting room Floor.
Deja vu it sure seems
We've seen this movie before.

While suffering
A sluggish economy
Republicans applauded
The thuggish dichotomy
That one percent rules
While 99 percent fools
Binge-watched wall streeters
Take over the town.
This year even Ebert
gave it up
With two thumbs down.

Not a hit nor blockbuster
Like a Ted Cruz filibuster
Starring elite superjob "makers"
Supporting a cast of a million "takers"
The Hangover we're now at sequel XIII
Let's hope it's the last one please no more.
Should have skipped it like Hotel floors
Between the twelve and the fourteen.

The Act Two
Blues and nationwide flu
Karma was due
For the POTUS
Who got the most of the Votus
Obamacare paid the price
For good reviews by the SCOTUS
The Prez danced in end zone Gloatus
To roll the dice 
And neglect to do any Promotus.

An unexpected twist in plot
On the war machine's backlot
Built a new rationale
For women combatants
Renamed now as Gal-
Warrior Wombatants.

Hipster zombies
Walking dead Romneys
Riding fixees so fedorable
Sipping micro brews so pourable
Like Katy Perry's deplorable ROARable.
Or Mumford boys, Suspenders and hairshirts, 
Banjos and beards,
Brooklyn Williamsburg
Rare dirt
In public personal pity-purges
Moaned their artisanal shi..y Dirges.

(Subway said that size didn't matter
If their footlong didn't Measure up
To more sup
On your platter
It's their way of keeping you Slim not fatter.)

Higgs Bosun a sticky Particular particle
Came out of the closet
Like a cosmic farticle.
Global Warming gave itself a New name
Not Zoe or Chole just Climate Change
Offering now a seismic posit
Bad news for the weary
Deniers of science
That like evolution it's a fact Not a theory.

(Same sex sexing
Lost its shame sex hexing
Won its legal marital nexus
In a lot of states but definitely Not Texas.)

The special effects starred
iPhones  and androids
Paranoid tech wars
Apple Samsunging
Out-Gaga-ing MileyTonguing
And twerking their OS's Onscreen with foam fingers
Their bungholes wiping.

In a crucial scene
Social sharing
Went extreme
From beds to bath
And bongs beyond
Our meds and wrath
And wrongs;
We over-shared and boasted
Posted on and on
Our twitter news fed lives
Filled in the empty spaces
In the book of faces.

Toward the end of this flick
The theme of it just won't stick
It begins with a "p" ah, yes Privacy
Spelled Pry-us-see.
In the name of security
We gave up obscurity
To the government hackers
Hi-jackers of our texts and Email
Who tapped our phones
Watched us from drones.
What caused our massive Passive Fail?
We fell asleep watching
Duck Dynasty crackers.

The leading man looked like A barista;
Exposed his government as   Big Brutha
Ed Snowden's reward for Those data terabytes 
He's now living the good life As a Muscovite.

The script called for love
So we clicked on dove
For every cohort
Whatever sort
There was a port.
Blew out the Match;
Disrupted the Harmony and
Jilted the J Date.
We dug for love at KoalMinersDigDeep;
Nodded off with NarcolepsSleep.
Locked down our love at BigHouseDotCom;
Wasted our love at SmokeRoachesWithMom.
Drooled with GeezersGottaGitsum
Unchallenged ourselves at DateDownDumb.
Lifted our Burkas at Muslim Mingle;
Learned to love ourselves at OnanSingle.
Quenched our  desire for
    midget firefighters at
Firemen Squirts;
Satisfied our pain with

Not much action on the set
Instead a fiscal cliff-hanger
Teabagger gangbangers
Played Hunger Gamers
With arrows to the foodstamp safety net.

The plot thickened
A mystery transpired
Cruise shippers sickened
A Pope retired.
Hyperloop the new monorail
Why were people eating kale?

This movie contained graphic content; Explicit language
Situation disasters
Some natural some manmade.
Tornadoes, floods, wildfires, heat waves,
Bombings and deep freezes
Took many to their graves;
Something even killing all the Beesus.

Mass shootings were real Still No gun controls;
To keep armed to the teeth We sold our souls.
Killings rose like a killer Tsunami;
Flush Phlegmball called the Pope a commie.
At intermission we Electronically puffed
Talking about Weed of Wisdom stuff
Vaping on outdated laws.
Who wrote this script was
Legally high
Lulu lemoned rubbed raw thighs
K-Mart-jingling x-rated balls.

We're buffering again
Little wheel a-spin
Our movie suddenly fades to Black;
This time Tony really did get whacked.

Back to the show
We're streaming fast from the Cloud
That cinematic sound a loud
Droning mistake could be Maybe
But not in Pakistan who Knows?
Lookout Royal Baby!

Bare chested Pooty Putin
Posing half nudie nootin'
In the Motherland stirs not a
Rooty tootin' ripple
Sharing the sight of his Tsarist nipples.
A manly show of a Russian metrosexual
Or maybe an outlawed Homosexual.
An emperor Caveman on a
Afraid to eat a little Pussy Riot.

The credits roll
The score lifts high
Villains and heros
The worst and the best
A juiced up Lance
Narcasistic Kanye West
This year gave birth
To some of the worst
And the usual others
Like the Koch Bruthas
Those villainaire major Teabagger fund raisers
Against the powerless Minimum wagers.
The new Pope in old shoes We saw in some photos;
The red ones he sent back to Dorothy and Toto.
The good guys were played By a cast not a lot of
Some gave up the the ghost and their earthly home
(Mandela deserves a much better poem).
The villains too many survived to be seen
in next year's sequel "2014."

LF Rudmann

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Praajek To Sell Used Virginity to Highest Bidder

Praajek To Sell Used Virginity to Highest  Bidder

Taking a cue from recent news reports that Brazilian college student Catarina Migliorini offered to sell her virginity twice after refusing an offer of $780,000, Praajek recently announced that he too will sell his used virginity to the highest bidder. It's here for the asking...price, he said. This classic Virginity, although well-worn, shows well with great rustic curb appeal. A few dings and dents are apparent around the edges but this model is a real collector's item. He said a minimum bid of .99 cents sounds reasonable and is in alignment with the price of an iTunes song download.  "This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer," said Praajek. The winning bidder will receive an authentic authorized Certificate of Authorized Authenticity (CAA) validating that your bid was accepted. (Consummation not required nor accepted). The lucky winner will also receive a coupon for .25 cents off the purchase of a half pound of Winter Red kale at a local participating grocer.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Extreme Social Sharing

Extreme Social Sharing

In the pursuit of Total Social Sharing (TSS), Praajek has decided without much decision-making thought to disclose, reveal and share with the world intimate details of his personal life... to go where few in the Social Universe have gone before. No, he is not revealing the copious amounts of alcohol consumed at the Funky Bhudda Lounge last Thursday evening nor the lurid details of the three-or-fivesome all-girlly multi-mingle that debauched his crib after he was carried fully armed with lucious ladys from the Funky Bhudda. No, he will not share all his favo foods, injesting facilities, dreams, nightmares, bodily function depositing and waste management adventures. Maybe later. But the following represents his Commitment to the new Standards of Social Sharing which are meant to break the bonds of the restrictive Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) and set new Modern Social Standards (MMS) henceforth to be known as Extreme Social Sharing or the Not Too Much Information Act. (NOTOMIA). Hereby, in the spirit of ESS is a manifest of meds that that Praajek ingests on a daily schedule. 


Monday, October 21, 2013

Randomoniums...or Where is Balloon Boy when we need him?

Randomoniums...or Where is Balloon Boy when we need him?

Ah, for the good old days of the boy in the runaway helium balloon and the breathless nonstop live coverage of a metallic balloon wafting thru the skies for hours before listlessly floating to the ground without a boy inside. Or even a more sinister yet semi-comical Kim Jong Un threatening to nuclearly annihilate us while he plays basketball with Dennis Rodman; oh where are you Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox and Jody Arias.. you sexy siren trio of murder trial celebrities? From yesteryear how about a good old-fashioned race-baited murder trial with a white Ford Bronco or a more recent crazy stand-ur ground vigilante? Those were the real news days. Remember Y2K? The Mayan Apocalypse?  Nonstop coverage of Katrinas and Sandys...even terrorists bombings and murderous gun-nut rampages..all those made-for-media horrors that perversely unite and fixate Americans in orgies of prurient watching and watching. We like to watch. That's what we do. 
These past few weeks, Big Cable demanded that our attention be dominated by the Tea Bagger Congressional Gangstaas and their kidnap of the political process and a threat to crash the world's economy. The ransom to be paid:  a president and his health care law. The Tea Bagger Blood Gangastaas, are led by Ted "KraziKaKa" Cruz, a former government employee who has been a US Senator for 10 months and expects to be sworn in as the next President of the U. S. if he fails in his quest to have President Obama impeached before 2016. "KraziKaKa" Cruz and his T-Bagga Possse rule  gerrymandered congressional hoods that are marked territories where no DemoCrip Kings gang members dare enter. They threaten other Repubakan Maniac Disciples rival gang districts with destruction if their leaders don't hew the line and pay their respects. These Tea Bagga gangs are funded by outside national gangs like Freedomworks P. Stone Nation, ruled by the Biggie Koch Bruthas who now worry that the chaos they funded my come back to bite them in their cash boxes if their Tea Bagga minions crash the world economy. Better cool this gang warfare within the Repubakan Maniac Disciples before there is no longer a gang left. Oh well, the Koch Bruthas are planning their strategy for the next gang war skirmishes with the Democrips Kings next year. Meanwhile Big Cable already has as name for the upcoming wars: 
"Debt Limit Destruction".. It'll be a TeaBagga drive-by... so get ready hit the floor. Or maybe Balloon Boy will come back to help lift the debt ceiling.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pooty Poot's Polemic

In a NY Times editorial opinion article Russian President Vladimir Putin, aka Pooty Poot by G. W. Bush, takes America (and Obama) to task for its reliance on military aggression to solve international conflicts. "We must stop using the language of force and return to the path of civilized diplomatic and political settlement," Putin writes. 
Putin further says that although he and President Obama are increasing their mutual trust, he takes exception to the President's assertion of American "exceptionalism" and that its policies make it an exceptional nation. Invoking the "lord" Putin says that people in all countries are created equal. 
"It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional....There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal," Putin concludes. 
So Putin transforms himself from a cartoonish James Bond-type villain who outlaws gay rights, imprisons political rivals, (even the Pussy Riot girl band for public protests) to a wise and benevolent leader and champion of human rights and Nobel Peace Prize candidate schooling Obama on the need for restraint, on the perils of military action to promote our version of democracy. "Millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but as relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan “you’re either with us or against us.” 
Is Putin correct to challenge America on its claim of being "exceptional?" Does our policy of unilateral military strikes against any country that uses chemical weapons or commits genocide make us exceptional or just hypocritical. Our use of chemical napalm in Vietnam, our tacit approval of Saddam Hussain's use of chemical weapons in its war with Iran in the 1980s could be construed as exceptional hypocrisy. As the only nation to ever use the destructive force of nuclear weapons on another country it would seem our exceptionalism could easily be interpreted by other people around the world as less than aspirational. 

It's easy to read Pooty Poot's polemic as reasonable if not awkwardly written. (Couldn't he hire an American English major to edit his writing?) America has relied on brute force, has acted in a "with us or against us" attitude exemplified in the extreme by G. W. Bush's war on Iraq. But Pooty Poot.. come on...we may be hypocrites, but one thing is obvious, the Emperor wears no shirt.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miley...The Genius of America

Miley...The Genius of America

America. Attention. Your attention is required now. If you have not seen Miley Cyrus's recent VMA performance then you have missed one of the most important, seminal art achievements in Western culture. Ms.Cyrus's spectacle, and I say "spectacle" in the true sense of wonderment, pageantry, virtuosity and sheer genius, stands alone among the few wondrous public acts ever shared with Americans, indeed humanity. Mother Theresa worked in silent anonymity bringing solace, relief and peace to the poor and sick. Einstein brought to science a new and relative perspective on space and time; the great composers Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Mahler, Debussy, along with moderns Glass and Cage gave us music as never before heard; Steve Jobs taught us to think and act differently; the monumental achievements of mankind can be chronicled, attested to and celebrated. But until now all these achievements pale, indeed are diminished by a 6 minute 23 second manifestation of The Great American Art. Period. No novel, poem, musical composition, painting, sculpture, architectural construction or other genius product of man's imagination has ever captured the essence of America, its people, its business, its religions, its music, its scientific and technological achievements... all that defines its very culture as much as a tiny girl named Miley did on August 25, 2013. Remember that date. That day America found itself. From a Giant Teddy Bear emerged a Foamed Fingered Force that forged a final definition of America and its people. Remember 08-25-13. Your great grandchildren will recall that day in history. Tell your children now that you viewed it live on TV or later saw it on YouTube. Point them to it now so they can witness it for themselves and thus pass down thru their generations what history will remark and remember as The Great American Art. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

You Won't Believe what This Kitty Kan Do

This Video Kitten Will Unwind Your Balls of Twine...most Amazing Screwed-up Eyeball-messing Kitty Performance of 2013!!! Click linkylink here: 
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Most Craziest Sex Positions That You Will Blow Your Mind... in the Future

 Five Most Craziest Sex Positions That You Will Blow Your Mind... in the Future

In the future, that time period that you can only dream about and that may or may not happen, conjugal body melding, doing the dirty deed, intercourse, just plain #%¥•}€ or what we now refer to as "sex" will occur thru some mind-blowing techniques and physical maneuvers unimagined today. Tomorrow's sex will not be your father's (nor mother's) sex. Check out the FIVE (actually SIX)  most important, unbelievable techniques that await you in the Future.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yippie Yi Ti Yo…Get Along 'Lil Cheney….

Liz Cheney

You Know That Wyoming Will Be Your New Home…..

Former Vice President and un- indicted war criminal Dick Cheney's daughter Liz "The Non-Lesbian One" has thrown her netipot in the ring for a Senate seat in Wyoming, a state in the western part of the US that currently has two Senators representing all 562 citizens. (Compare California with two Senators for its 38 million souls). 

The 46 year old mother of five moved to Wyoming last year thus establishing her residency in order to run for the Senate seat already held by Republican Mike Enzi, one of the most severe conservatives in the Senate. Ms. Cheney and her father believe Wyoming needs an even more severe, backward-looking conservative. Having held many jobs in government, Ms. Cheney has also worked on her father's campaigns. In 2009 she helped establish a non-profit organization "Keep America Safe" which aims to keep America safe. Ms. Cheney also appears as a political pundit on Fox News often displaying her father's recognizable snarl.